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Rope Skipping Nationals Competition

On the 3rd October 2015 our Rope skipping team left for Pretoria to compete in the National championships representing Western Province.

7 of our girls competed in the Rope skipping competition and made us extremely proud. As they received 9 medals altogether either placing them 1st 2nd or 3rd.

The 7 girls came back with 3 gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals.  Hence how tough the competition was competing against 3 to 4 other provinces.

The girls were extremely nervous but well prepared as they have been training extremely hard for this competition in specific. For most of them the experience of being on a flight and being out of Cape Town was a first. Their reaction to the trip and the experience at the competition was Priceless.

It is always amazing to see how one event that might seem normal to many people can change a child’s view on life. These girls come from a community where people stick to the norm or the ordinary which is Drug addiction, alcohol abuse and for girls teenage Pregnancy.

The girls had so much fun and made so much new friends. They behaved themselves well and are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed towards making it possible for them to go and compete at the rope skipping competition.

Below indicates the hidden smiles on the girl’s faces after they have received their medals at the competition.
The girls stayed in a hostel called “Bumbo Cares” Hostel where the people were extremely friendly and helpful, and they loved every moment of it especially the part where they could swim almost every day as it was extremely hot in Pretoria so the pool did them good.

The drive to Pretoria was long and tiring but the flight back was Amazing. New Experience for the girls as well as new challenges that awaits them for pushing to compete in higher levels than the ones they competed in this year.

2016 definitely holds a great year ahead for these determined and hardworking girls. They are a lovely group of girls to work with and their smiles are priceless.

To everyone who contributed towards this trip to Pretoria we say THANK YOU for choosing to make a difference.