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cool – so I have listened to a fair few videos on line, been to few conferences and now the heat is on cos I am trying to help put together a social media conference with the help of Steve, Jacques, Deborah and others for our annual SAYTC show in Paternoster 13/14/15 June 2011.
If you have any ideas for this – we would be so happy to hear it.  If you attended the Monkey Valley conference 2007 (WEB2.0)  we are trying to keep up with the pace this year.  We hope that EVERYONE walks away not only feeling like it was great value for money, a stack of fun AND that we all learnt something practical.
Some of our ideas are to have people from SAYTC that have great web and social media presence to share some of their ideas.  Case studies including
What are we doing with our social media – we know we have to do something! BUT WHAT?
Are we all hung up on foursquare, fb, twitter – do we need to push our brand through these means or will the customer having a great or bad experience do it for us?  If you are only using social media for crisis management – then maybe you have a problem! How much of our marketing budget should go towards this new department – in our hostel we have housekeeping, reception/front of house, travel, food & beverage, accounts, and now social media! Up until now we commissioned a company to do our artwork, now its a whole new ball game.  That girl/guy sitting on the internet all day – what are they doing? how do we measure this?  Do people want to be your fan after they have left your hostel/ tour/ country?  How much free stuff do we have to give away – 49% of people who join your facebook group expect to get something for free!!

Twitter – which we call internet farting… what backpacker gives a damn about following a hostel on twitter?  perhpas if they a snowed in at an airport in Europe and they cant get on a plane – the hostel says don’t panic we will keep your room and not charge you!

So that is it for today… your comments would be very much appreciated.


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