Summer might be on the horizon but Cape Town is still hot!

It’s going to be another Hot Weekend in Cape Town and I am still recovering from the past few weeks of non-stop entertaining and eating out.  We have had the Circe de Soleil here clowning about at the Grand West Arena, The Cape Town International Jazz Festival where we were rocked with Earth Wind and Fire as they kicked off their 40years together World Tour – and what a tight band they are and still rocking and rolling better than some youngsters I know! (a bit like Toni and me though we only got 21 years at The Backpack so far!) This was my 8th time at the Festival so I have only missed 4 over the past 12 years. Simpiwe Dana is our favourite solo female singer (you can hear her played in our café for sure) who started off the Saturday night gig –  was absolutely AWESOME, not only to hear but also to look at. She is a fashion icon. The last time I tried to see her and thought, I could mosey on up to the stage she was performing on (it was the smallest stage)’ she was relatively unkown or so I thought, the queues were around the corridors, down the stairs and there was no ways I was getting anywhere near.So this time, I am happy to say, she was on the biggest stage and I managed to get up close and personal! The Jazz weekend is such good value for money if you are planning on being here next year March make sure you come for it.

Eating out is so good too.  I tried a Portuguese restaurant in Three Anchor Bay with friends from London who wanted to eat prawns and we were not disappointed. I had heard that they did mean prawns and well, its true.  Its one of those places that looks sort of ugh! from the outside – nothing special either on the inside but hey its all about the food isn’t it?? And the prawns – we licked the plate sut!! (“sut” being colloquial for in this instance “clean” – it does have a few meanings we might get to those next time)

My favourite Saturday morning spot is of course the Biscuit Mill where I do my rounds of biltong, free range meat, organic veggies great coffee and of course just eating . Tembi my faithful dog has her own round of best stalls which of course does include John and Carol at the biltong shop this being number one her list, Steven and his delish sausages and any other person at the market eating who is willing to share! As one of our guests said she uses “cute currency” and it never fails  and I never fear to lose her as she will always turn up at one of her best places and they all know her so they tell me where she is!

To end off this past week or start really as it was on Monday night we went to The Fugard Theatre to see Sir Anthony Sher in the Arthur Miller play Broken Glass.  I had heard it was a bit long but for me it was so good that I did not find it long at all. The set was so simple and effective and the performance by all was wonderful.The Cello hauntingly played  between sets was perfect.  Its running till the 16 April so there is still time to get a ticket if it’s not sold out. Our performance was!!!

And so for this coming weekend as I said its going to be HOT…. Maybe I might make the beach for the last days of summer with my friends from Scotland, try out our new Chef for Burger Night on Saturday and cheer on the STORMERS on our big screen at The Backpack’s Café or take in some live music, or the whole damn lot??? so many choices  but I’ll  let you know how it all turned out………….check you later – Lee