Staff visit to community project 25 May

On the day I went to the community project I was so impressed with what Mario is doing – he is doing such a great job!  I felt that everyone who comes and stays with us need to go to the community project because the project is about changing lives.

Mario is doing a good job by showing the young ones that their lives can change and become better, even if there is a lack of support at home, drugs affecting the community, etc.  All those things can’t stop the children to dream of a bright future ahead.

I felt that I have failed because I have been working at The Backpack for more than a year now and I have never been to the community project before today.  The community needs us there.  There is so much to do every day and Mario is overloaded.  I felt it is too much for him – we need to be more involved, not just by giving money but by doing things with those kids.

Thando – Reception


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