Fair Trade and Tourism

The Hos­tel has been Accred­ited by Fair Trade in Tourism( a trade mark awarded to busi­nesses that adhere to fair trade cri­te­ria, fair wages and work­ing con­di­tions, fair oper­a­tions, pur­chas­ing and dis­tri­b­u­tion of ben­e­fits, eth­i­cal busi­ness prac­tices and respect for human rights, cul­ture and the environment).

Through empow­er­ing them with life chang­ing skills they become stake­hold­ers, to share in the prof­its and to actively play a wider role in the run­ning and account­abil­ity of our busi­ness.

By being a mem­ber of Fair­trade, we aci­tively pro­mote the ideals and prin­ci­ples of this organ­i­sa­tion.  These prin­ci­pals are:

  • Fair Trade Label


In 2007 we hired a com­pany called Clear Insight, which is run by Val Toledo, who intro­duced a value sys­tem together with our staff. The 8 val­ues which all of us adhere to are:

Trust, Honest, Integrity, Respect, Ser­vice, Health, Respon­si­bil­ity, Uplift­ment and Recog­ni­tion.

Through var­i­ous work­shops and in a fun way we have worked through these val­ues.  Tak­ing us out of our com­fort zones we tried: salsa danc­ing (such fun and loved by all) med­i­tat­ing, yoga and sound jour­neys.  We learnt about belief sys­tems through art and drama.  For many it has changed their lives not only in the work place but also at home.  Please feel free to talk to our staff about this pro­gram.  We are happy to share our expe­ri­ences with you.