Community Projects

  • The Rope Skipping Project

    Even though there are some girls kick­ing the foot­ball with Mario, to cater for girls an extra activ­ity was added to the project — jump rope!  This is a new sport craze sweep­ing over the youth of Cape Town.  The Back­pack has spon­sored 12 girls who have made it into our Provin­cial Team.  Sbu the coach has been an inspi­ra­tion to the girls attend­ing this pro­gram.  He him­self is a world champion.

  • The Backpack Rope Skipping

  • The Soccer Project

    In an area of Cape Town noto­ri­ous for gang­sters, drug- and alcohol-​related prob­lems, one local — Mario van Niek­erk — began a soc­cer pro­gram designed to keep kids off the streets and in school.  Mario’s GCU Acad­emy was born.  In 2007, we met up with Mario and intro­duced an after-​school home­work, tutor­ing, and life skills pro­gram; in a neigh­bour­hood where lit­er­acy is 24% and the aver­age child drops out of school at 12 years old.  Together with our guests, we have donated over R500 000.00!

  • The Backpack GCU Academy

  • Val­lies Stitch and Bitch Program

    With the Val­lies Stitch and Bitch Pro­gram, we have col­lec­tively knit­ted over one hun­dred blan­kets for AIDS orphans at Baphumelele Crèche in Khayelitscha Town­ship.  We have old age homes con­tribut­ing to this project with their fan­tas­tic knit­ting skills.  If you can knit plain, come along, relax in the lounge or bar at The Back­pack, and knit a square or two!  If you can’t knit but would like to con­tribute to keep­ing the lit­tle ones snug, we gladly accept dona­tions of wool.

  • The Backpack Knitting

  • Thank you for choos­ing to make a difference

    By donat­ing your key deposit you con­tribute to our Bur­sary Fund, which is cur­rently allows our staff to access this fund for their own stud­ies or their children/​grandchildren.  Presently we have 2 chil­dren, Michaela and Hay­ley, at a Pri­vate Maths School, Sheila’s daugther Patri­cia is attend­ing Pri­vate Singing Tuition, Khanyi our cleaner has com­pleted an office and com­puter course, Sheila is learn­ing to read and write with a pri­vate tutor at home.  We are so proud of our staff and their kids and thank you to all our guests have made this pos­si­ble.  This Bur­sary Fund is acces­si­ble to all our staff and is transparent.

    Been trav­el­ing a while and got a pile of unwanted clothes in your back­pack? Donate them at recep­tion and we’ll sell them on your behalf, with the pro­ceeds going to The Soc­cer and Jump Rope Project.

    Whether it’s your time, your money, or both, you can be guar­an­teed the sat­is­fac­tion and ful­fill­ment of help­ing out chil­dren and peo­ple in need!  By under­stand­ing, address­ing and help­ing the social needs of the eco­nom­i­cally and socially dis­ad­van­taged com­mu­ni­ties of South Africa, we are able to work towards a just soci­ety in which all peo­ple get to share in the wealth of the coun­try.

    Choose to make a difference!

  • The Backpack Community project