Rainbow Nation of Indaba

Lee and I had the privelage of attending SA’s biggest tourism show held in Durban the past 4 days. Wow!  If only Everyone on this planet could experience this.  So many exciting things to see and do.  My top favourites:
1. visiting my favourite community project Woza Moya at Hillcrest.  If you are looking     for the styliest art and craft and KNOW that your money is going to the community     well look no further.
2. meeting Esther Mahlangu an artist I have admired all my adult life!  She is one of SA most foremost artists- what a pity she was tucked away in a corner and more people could have had the pleasure of meeting her.
3. being a finalist in the Welcome Awards – the ceremony was truly an African gala evening.   3000 entries and 34 finalists.  We were a runner up! SA has the best music.  Happy Hippo held the after party – cool tunes, cool people, cool place!
4. being on the SAYTC stand with such awesome people who love to party,network and are so passionate about SA. We don’t mention our products before we have pumped the buyer with the philosophy of SAYTC.  The stand was the busiest of all stands all the time.  Deborah and Marlene were truly brilliant.
5. staying on the 17th floor of a hotel that is still an old age home. Sometimes the lift worked and once we had to walk up to our room.  Next year we will use the lift to market.  I am convinced they keep it that way so the old folk have a place to meet. Cany you rock.
6.  meeting Michael Tatalias from SATSA – the ideas, inspiration and passion – just hope he comes to ourConference in Paternoster
7.  having dinner with Helen Turnbill at Spice.  If only all journalists had her integrity and style.
8.  is my lucky number – and I had about 8 hours of sleep in 5 days. Lee my business partner and twisted koeksuster you are the best.