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Mel visit to the GCU Academy 25 May 2011

After making a brief visit to the community project on a previous tour, and hearing our boss talk about it often, I decided to get a few staff members together and go see what needs to be done there.

Upon arrival, we went to the Woodlands Primary aftercare centre.  It was quite a wake up call seeing a girl in high school uniform come and pick up a child!  We sat there for about an hour whilst we read to and interacted with the children.

It can get quite intense at times because they all want a ‘piece’ of you so you have no personal body space whilst you are in there!  But it was rewarding to have one of the younger kids bring me a book about shapes, and when I showed him the different shapes, he remembered the names afterwards.

These kids have so much potential, it just needs to be brought out.  After that we went to chat with Mario, who showed us a recently refurbished classroom which had been trashed by 15 year old kids.

I wondered how Mario perseveres when the children do things like that because I would probably have given up long ago.  We are going to have a meeting with Mario soon to work out a rota for us to take turns going to help him out.

Melissa – reception

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