Eleni on the Road – meeting up with friends

Well, friend 3 is here. Me! I spent a day and a half travelling with the Baz Bus to Coffee Bay
to meet Tina and a friend of hers, Lize, @ Coffee Shack for a few days break.

Coffee Shack has been amazing. My first night here was a full moon party! Perfect timing i think to arrive @ a hostel. Got to meet people from all over the world, even from my new favourite place, Canada!

On Saturday a bunch of us, possibly all suffering from slight headaches, went on a 3 hour hike to the Hole in the Wall. A must do for anyone who come to Coffee Bay. Majority of the walk was right along the coastal line so there where amazing views, where we even got to spot a whale or two. The hike was hectic, but absolutely worth it when we got there! Feeling the pain for it today.

Sunday has finally arrived and its the day of rest! Well until this afternoon. Lize and i are going to brave the surfing lesson while Tina lies on the beach reading, unless we persuade her otherwise in the next few hours.


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