Eating Out v.s Eating In

This past week Toni and I went out to see what was in our neighbourhood to recommend to our guests and of course we like to keep up to date with whats out there. There were a couple of places that were on my immediate list. The first one  we went into -  Skinny Legs and All – we were feeling oh so lucky as we got the park right outside the door (that should have been a sign!!!) and the window seat, looked around the sparse interior and then the even sparser menu which claimed whisps of lettuce in the salad – my mind was working overtime ……… and we looked at each other and both moved right out the shop as fast as we could. There did not seem to be a thing we wanted on the menu. Sorry girls! loved the name, did not think much of your menu.

…So off to our second choice Hemelhuijs a little walk around the block (the city is full of places to eat so we really are spoilt for choice) It has such a lovely interior and it has just changed its winter outfit from Black walls to spring Greens and looks lovely,  fresh and exciting.  Here I was not that impressed with my salad in the end I did not like the prawns at all. They were glassy and tasteless and not white and juicy and would not hurry back here at all  but for the fact that Toni had ordered the steak and kidney pie and that was awesome!!  Crispy flaky top lovely bits of meat in a  delicious gravy and hot all the way through. Well done will it another try.

But back to my picture. I had some smoked salmon at home and brought it to work this week and asked Dave our Chef what he could do with it. It was breakfast time and he immediately said Salmon Eggs Benedict and I said YES so this is  what turned up on my desk and it was soooooooooooooo delicious that we have put it on our menu for Sunday morning as a special so come on and give it a whirl I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!  So eating in for me was the best experience this week.

Daves Salmon Eggs Benedict


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