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Coffee Bay – Surfing, community and landscapes – Eleni on the Road

Wonderful village walk on the Wild Coast


Well, surfing was unbelievable! Third or fourth attempt and I was up! Yippee!!! There were a couple of bruises the next day, but it was absolutely worth it. Plus the water was WARM! Divine. Anyone who goes to Coffee Bay must go do a surfing lesson, especially since its super duper cheap, you can’t go wrong.

Monday was a Village Walking Tour around the neighbouring villages. We were shown around how the locals live their daily lives. They have to sometimes walk a few km’s to get their drinking water, and that all their food is made on fires, as there is no electricity in their homes. It truly makes you grateful for what you have in your own home. The tour group was welcomed into one of the local family’s home for lunch, where as is their tradition us ladies, sat on the floor and the men sat on chairs. The main item on our lunch plate was PAP! (that is traditional mielie-meal porridge a staple of the nation made from maize meal)

We were also shown how they do the traditional clay face-painting. There is a photo of Tina and how they painted her face. I have also attached a photo of me, during one of our resting breaks, where you are able to see the absolutely stunning view from the hills in villages.


Our last night ended with the entire hostel playing killer pool! While everyone afterwards was shown the real way to drink a flaming sambucca! UGH!

Tuesday saw me heading back to Port Elizabeth before my “Groot Trek” back home to Cape Town. And Tina and Lize carrying on their journey to Cintsa for one night and then onto Hogsback for a night or two.

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